5-Pin Rangefinder Bow Sight
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The latest and greatest tool for high precision archery. Gone are the days when you had to bring a separate rangefinder on your hunts, this compact sight comes with one built in!

Incredible! But wait, there is more! This electronic marvel does not only provide accurate range finding right on your bow, it also highlights the appropriate PIN for the detected range!

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  • 5-pin sight (20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m)
  • Rangefinder with automagic pin selection


  • 1. Find the range with the 40m pin (yellow)
  • 2. Aim with the highlighted range pin for accurate shoots



0.50 units*

Pin Settings

Pin Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Top Pin 20 ~66
Second Pin 30 ~98
Third Pin (yellow) 40 ~131
Fourth Pin 50 ~164
Bottom Pin 60 ~196



TheHunter_25-Pin_Rangefinder_Bow_Sight_(English_German) Video provided by HooCairs.
TheHunter_PYTHON_VOYAGE Video provided by HooCairs.
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