Shotgun 16ga standard

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Shells 16ga buckshot

16 GA Buckshot Shells

Shells 16ga birdshot

16 GA Birdshot Shells


The last of the great hammer guns! This elegant classic 16 GA side-by-side shotgun features external hammers, long sleek barrels, and a beautifully crafted stock.

Loaded with 16 GA birdshot or buckshot, this fine iconic shotgun will enable you to hunt in style, perfectly capturing a piece of 19th century history in a weapon that proves reliable, accurate and as devastating as its modern-day counterparts.


The 16 GA Slug Shells are not available for this shotgun.

Magazine Capacity

Magazine 2 (no magazine; 2 barrels)


No scope is available for this weapon.

Permitted Species

Buckshot Ammo

Birdshot Ammo

Inventory Capacity

3.5 units*



TheHunter 16 GA Side by Side Shotgun First Look

TheHunter 16 GA Side by Side Shotgun First Look

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