16GA/9.3x74R Drilling Engraved

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16GA/9.3x74R Drilling

9.3x74R Ammunition

16 GA Buckshot Shells

16 GA Birdshot Shells

16 GA Slug Shells


The Drilling Rifle features scalloped boxlock action w/ side clips, a fine european style walnut stock, a quick detach scope mount and a true bang for your buck when it comes to taking down just about every kind of game there is in the EHR. Chambered in 9.3x74R and 16 GA.


Both shotgun barrels are always loaded with the same type of ammunition. Mixed ammo with a switch is not available.

Magazine Capacity

Magazine.gif 3 (no magazine; 3 barrels)


Permitted Species

Slug Ammo

Buckshot Ammo

Birdshot Ammo

Rifle Ammo

Inventory Capacity

5.0 units*

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