12 GA Single Shot Shotgun (Wood)

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12 GA Shells (Buckshot)

12 GA Shells (Birdshot)

12 GA Shells (Slug)


While this classic weapon won’t make you the fastest gun in the EHR it comes with an amazing amount of versatility. Compatible ammunition such as Slug, Buckshot and Birdshot makes it permitted for almost any species, just make sure you’ve got it loaded with the right ammo for the job.

This rifle can be picked up in the store for free.


Even as a guest player all ammo that can be used with the weapon will always be replenished for free at the start of every hunting session.

Magazine Capacity

Magazine.gif 1 (no magazine)


No scope is available for this weapon.

Permitted Species

Slug Ammo

Buckshot Ammo

Birdshot Ammo


Zero Settings
Mode Ammunition Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights
Birdshot 20 ~65
Buckshot 20 ~65
Slug 50 ~164

Inventory Capacity

3.0 units*

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