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Item in store.png 12 GA Side by side Shotgun (Wood)

A classic and reliable side by side shotgun in a wood and ornament finish. This rifle works with all 12ga ammo types.


Item in store.png 12 GA Side By Side Shotgun (Engraved)


A classic and reliable side by side shotgun in a wood with luxurious ornament finish. This is not your standard Side by side shotgun. No, this is an engraved, stylish version that will make you the envy of everyone who sees it. It's a shotgun that will make even the felled prey tip their hat at you as they go down.

Shared Skill and Rank

All variations of this weapon share their Shooting Skill and their Rank. This means that if you buy a variation, you will immediately have the shooting skill that you build with your previously owned versions. The harvests of all variations are added up to the according Hunter Score ranks.


Both barrels are always loaded with the same type of ammunition. Mixed ammo with a switch is not available.

Shells 12ga buckshot 256.png Shells 12ga birdshot 256.png Shells 12ga slug 256.png
12 GA Buckshot 12 GA Birdshot 12 GA Slug

Magazine Capacity

Magazine.gif 2 (no magazine; 2 barrels)


No scope is available for this weapon.

Permitted Species

Slug Ammo

Buckshot Ammo

Birdshot Ammo


Zero Settings
Mode Ammunition Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights
Birdshot 20 ~65
Buckshot 20 ~65
Slug 50 ~164

Inventory Capacity

3.5 units*