Shotgun pump 12ga primal

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This 12 Gauge pump action shotgun can be used for almost any species (existing or extinct); just make sure you've got the right ammo for the job. Powerful at close range making it the perfect weapon for those who think they've got stealth down to a fine art

Note: All variations of the 12GA Pump Action Shotgun share the same weapon skill. This means that you do not need to start over when buying a new variation.

The Primal Shotgun was originally only available during December 2014 when buying theHunter: Primal on Steam. It was added to the Store for all to buy on June 5, 2015.


Magazine Capacity

Magazine 6


Permitted Species

Slug Ammo

Buckshot Ammo

Birdshot Ammo


Zero Settings
Mode Ammunition Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights
Birdshot 20 ~65
Buckshot 20 ~65
Slug 50 ~164
Any Scope
Birdshot 20 ~65
Buckshot 20 ~65
Slug 75 ~246

Inventory Capacity

3.5 units*

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