.50 Inline Muzzleloader

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.45 Saboted Bullet

.50 Conical Bullet


Who says obsolete technology can’t be contemporary? This hi-tech Muzzleloader stays faithful to the old smokepole when it comes to function but when it comes to materials, performance and reliability - it is up there with the most modern of hunting rifles. It also raises shooter safety to ensure a minimum amount of serious maiming and/or death.

This Muzzleloader can be loaded with a .50 conical bullet for big game hunting or a .45 saboted bullet for medium game and comes with a super smart speed loader that will ensure that you spend less time reloading and more time hunting.

This Muzzleloader was added on July 29, 2014. [1]



Permitted Species

50 conical bullet.png .50 Conical Bullet

45 saboted bullet.png .45 Saboted Bullet


Zero Settings
Mode Ammunition Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights
.45 Sabot 50 ~164
.50 Conical 50 ~164
Any Sight
.45 Sabot 100 ~328
.50 Conical 100 ~328


3.5 units*



Inline_Muzzleloader_vs._Rocky_Mountain_Elk_(Make_a_Wish_18)_-_theHunter_Hunting_Game TheHunter_Hunting_Game_-_Albino_Brown_Bear_with_Inline_Muzzleloader
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