.50 Cap Lock Muzzleloader

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.50 Patched Round Ball


Faithful reincarnation of a Civil War era Cap Lock Muzzleloader. Experience how it was done back in the days when all you had was one shot, a bang and a wall of smoke.

Comes with a quick loading kit and attached ramrod for fast field reloads.

DISCLAIMER: Only use Black Powder or Black Powder Substitute in this weapon. The use of Modern Smokeless Powder in any amount may result in serious maiming and/or death. Also make sure to read the 30+ other basic safety instructions included in the manual, many of which, well most actually, also end with words like ”maiming”, “decapitation”, “loss of limb” and/or “death”.

This Muzzleloader was added on September 20, 2012. [1]



Permitted Species


Zero Settings
Mode Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights 50 ~164
Sight 75 ~246


3.5 units*


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