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.44 Revolver (Silver)

.44 Nosler Sporting Handgun


A single action revolver using .44 magnum ammunition which allows for optimum stopping power. It is perhaps primarily used as a defensive sidearm but the revolver hunting enthusiast can easily fit the gun with a scope and use it to take down small to medium game with great accuracy.

Permitted Species


Cylinder Capacity

Revolver drum.gif 6



Zero Settings
Mode Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights 25 ~82
Any Scope 50 ~164

Inventory Capacity

1.25 units *


TheHunter_The_New_.44_Custom_Revolver Video provided by community member Hoocairs
TheHunter_First_Hunt_w_New_.44_Custom_Revolver Video provided by community member Hoocairs
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