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Bolt action rifle 3006

.30-06 Bolt Action Rifle

Cartridges 3006 256

.30-06 Nosler Partition


They say German engineering cannot be surpassed, and this rifle is a true testament to that. This luxury Stutzen sporting bolt action rifle, featuring an elegant chequered walnut stock and spiral fluted barrel, is a classic piece of German heritage. Chambered in .30-06, its precision and power, together with its 3 round magazine, make for a formidable hunting companion.


Magazine Capacity

Magazine 3


Permitted Species

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4.0 units*



TheHunter First look

TheHunter First look .30-06 Stutzen Bolt Action Rifle!

TheHunter -

TheHunter - .30-06 Stutzen Bolt Action Rifle Classic

.30-06 Stutzen Field Test theHunter Classic 2017

.30-06 Stutzen Field Test theHunter Classic 2017