.243 Bolt Action Rifle (Wood)

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.243 Bolt Action Rifle (Carbon)

.243 Nosler Ballistic Tip


High performance bolt action rifle, with composite textured stock giving great grip in the most weather extreme conditions. Reliable and durable, with a three point safety mechanism and a free floating fluted stainless barrel built to military standards.

This rifle belongs to the standard set of equipment that every player receives. Even as a guest player the .243 ammo will always be replenished for free at the start of every hunting session.

Permitted Species

Rusa deer male common.png
Mule deer male common.png
Whitetail deer male common.png
Blacktail deer male common.png
Sitka deer male common.png
Roe deer male common.png
Bighorn sheep male common.png
Dall sheep male common.png
Alpine ibex male common.png
Feral goat male brown.png
Red kangaroo male common.png
Grey wolf male common.png
Coyote male common.png
Red fox male common.png
Arctic fox male common.png
Eurasian lynx male common.png
Bobcat male common.png


Magazine Capacity

Magazine.gif 1 (no magazine)



Zero Settings
Mode Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
Iron Sights 50 ~164
Any Scope 100 ~328

Inventory Capacity

3.0 units*


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243boltaction ironsight.jpg

Version 1.0 in game until Dec 21, 2016

.243 Bolt Action Rifle (Wood)

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