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Semi auto rifle 22

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This is the perfect rifle for small game hunting. It is fast and accurate enough to give even the quickest rabbits a run for their money.

The .22 Semi-Automatic Rifle was added to theHunter on April 29, 2015. [1]

Spook Range

Usually rifles will spook animals within the entire render range of 220m. This rifle however does not spook animals far out. An urban legend says that the spook range of the "Plinkington" rifles is 75m (246 ft.).

Permitted Species


Magazine Capacity

Magazine 10


Spook radius

In a patch of May 18, 2015 the spook radius was "increased and now is higher than that for bows but lower than that for other rifles".

Inventory Capacity

3.0 units*



TheHunter 2015

TheHunter 2015 .22 "Plinkington" Semi-Automatic Rifle

Video provided by community member ronMctuBe.