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.223 Bolt Action Rifle (Marble)

Cartridges 223 256

.223 Nosler Ballistic Tip


This handcrafted bolt action rifle is engineered with one thing in mind, to fire high velocity .223 rounds at small targets with incredible precision over great distances.

The .223 lacks the power to take on big game such as Moose & Bear but excels when used vs. small game and varmint such as Fox & Coyote due to its superior accuracy. Additional benefits includes very low ammo capacity cost and the rare ability to hunt some bird species such as Turkey with a rifle.

The .223 rifle was added to theHunter on July 18, 2013. [1]

Permitted Species


Magazine Capacity

Magazine 5


Performance Rating

Performance Rating

Visit this German Wiki page for a performance review. The rating is a personal opinion of the German Wiki author(s).

German terms used
Geringe Schussentfernung = short distance
Große Schussentfernung = long distance

Rating applied

excellent performance, in some cases even too strong, ideal for longer ranges and moving targets
ideal for the listed distances, immediate kills for most shots
suitable for the listed distances, penetration of multiple organs possible
suitable for good marksmen only, requires precise shooting or animals must be searched after the shot
not suitable for the listed distances, immediate kills are rare and animals must be searched after the shot

Inventory Capacity

3.0 units*

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