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"Hey Freundchen. Ich habe vor, eine Wochenend-Competition zu veranstalten, Bull's Best. Ich weiß, dass du zu den Leuten gehörst, die so etwas interessant finden.
Sollte einfach sein. Erlege den Elk mit der höchsten Score. Hast du das verstanden? Ich melde mich bald." - Bull

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“Hey there Friend. I like to run a weekend Elk competition, Bull's Best!. I know you're the sort to be interested in competing.
It should be easy. Harvest as high a scoring Elk Bull as you can. Got that? Speak to you soon.” - Bull

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Höchster Roosevelt Elk Score
Stechen (bei Gleichstand)
Datum, der früher erlegte Bull gewinnt

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  1. 100 em$
  2. 60 em$
  3. 40 em$

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A great victory!

Wow! Winner of my very own competition, Bull's Best!

Those Elk are as sure to stay hidden as they are to spook, so tracking down such a trophy animal is more than worthy of winning!

Again, congratulations...and check your wallet you've got a few em$ to spend in Doc's shop!

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Bull's Best

So close to winning, yet 2nd it is for you.

You know how tough those Elk are to find, and now you know how tough the competition is on the EHR.

I expect you to be back though, and here's an exclusive tip - use some of the em$ you've won for 2nd place to purchase an Elk lure or two. It could just make the difference between first and second.

Dritter Platz Bearbeiten

Bull's Best

3rd place in Bull's Best.

Now I know you're disappointed, just think that you've now got something to aim for next time I run my competition.

And...3rd is still an amazing result.

If the Elk are tough, the competition is tougher; that's what I say.

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