EW's original business model of the game was based on selling memberships. A membership was mainly required to hunt all animals and to get all ammo for free. The membership model ended May 6, 2019. From there forward, everything in the game was fully available to all players.

The 6 and 12 months memberships were removed earlier in February 2019. This included

  • Wayfarer Starter Pack (3 months with extra equipment)
  • Pathfinder Starter Pack (6 months with extra equipment)
  • Trailrunner Starter Pack (12 months with extra equipment)


A theHunter membership included

  • unlimited hunting, i.e. license for all animals
  • free unlimited ammo for all weapons you own
  • ability to host multiplayer games
  • avatar visible in the trophy shots
  • ability to make a website avatar using your in-game character


A membership provided the license to hunt all animals. They are listed here.

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